Friday, October 10, 2008


Here is the conversation Mallory and I had today while I did her hair.......
Mally: "Mom, do you know what I do mostly everyday at recess?"
Allison: "No, what?"
Mally: "I spin around on the bars. I hold a class for it, three people come."
Allison: " Really, who comes?"
Mally: "Well Gracie, but she's almost a teacher like me, she just needs a little more work, and J.C. comes, and Allison (a girl in her class), and Sydney comes too. Gracie is almost as good as me so that's why she's almost a teacher."
She was completely serious. Where does she come from?


Nick and Molly said...

Oh my gosh Mallory is so hilaroius!! Can't you just picture her teaching her bar class?? haha

Steck family said...

I am glad that I was sitting down when I read this. I love everything that comes out of her mouth!!! Seriously where did she come from... a mexican hospital maybe? I love her!!!