Friday, February 20, 2009

Girl Trip!

This past weekend, the girls and I set off to the coast for a fun trip with our friends Christy, Breanna and Ryan. We has Fri. and Mon. off for Presidents Day so we left on Friday morning and headed to Santa Cruz first to visit the mission there. Alexa and Breanna chose that one to do their 4th grade mission project on, so this is kinda the purpose of our trip. We had fun exploring the church for all of 20 seconds cause it was so small! Good thing I asked the little lady who volunteers at the gift shop if we had done everything that we could do (we had already told her we were a 4th grade family, doing a project) and she says, "Well I guess you could go over and see the mission". Good to know. Thanks for being so helpful. Kinda thought we were already there. Didn't know the church and mission were at two different locations and we were about to leave thinking, wow, sure thought there would be more! We laughed at how dumb we were and how not helpful our sweet lady was.
After going over to the actual mission for a while, we headed up to Capitola to walk around a bit. Brittan screamed hysterically when she saw the ocean! Then we headed up to Salinas to eat dinner at Chili's and then go see Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was cute but I was kinda disappointed. We were supposed to stay at Nic's that night but Brittan started running a high fever so we shacked up with Christy in her hotel room so we wouldn't give what ever Brittan had to Nic's kids. She was sort of better the next day, with motrin.
Saturday, Molly met us at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and got us in for free! Thanks Molly! The kids had so much fun. The only bad part was that it was soooo crowded! We hit a triple bummer weekend with it being a Sat., Pres. Day weekend and it was Valentines Day. Oh well, we still had fun and the kids loved playing together! I love their faces here!
Britty in one of the kid areas.
Our main goal of this day was to get Brittan to the beach! She has been obsessed with it lately and I owe it all to Calliou. Apparently the kid must go there a lot cause Brittian talks about all his trips there constantly! She wanted to fly kites, look for crabs, dig in the sand, and much more. Sad thing for her was that it was like 2 degrees in Monterey that weekend, and raining too. Even still, we had to go! So Nic met up with us at that point and took us to the end of Cannery Row down to a beach. We stayed for one hour. It was all we could handle cause it was so cold. Didn't seem to bother Lex, Mally, Breanna and Ryan. They rolled up there sweats and got in the water! Crazy kids, their legs were so red! Poor Ryan got knocked over by a wave and fell completely in the water!
Brittan, Jessica and Jordan loved digging in the sand the whole time. Brittan was not about to touch the water. After stripping Ryan down, we could only take the cold a minute more so we packed up and headed back to Nic and Molly's house for some warm baths!
We have promised Brittan that the beach is way more fun than that, and that it really does get warm, and that we'll go back there soon with Jessica and Jordy! We had a super fun time!


Valerie said...

maybe we should come with you next time!

Ashleigh said...

Looks fun! What a dedicated mom to give them a real life experience of what they're learning about in school. Way above and beyond. Do you have to build a mission too? I was all, that looks hard!

Steck family said...

Ashleigh... Haven't you learned by now that everything Allison does for her kids is way above and beyond!! Your the best mom Allison!!! I am cracking up at Ashleigh's "that looks hard" comment. Maybe she might want Jan as her screen saver on her computer!!!!

Molly said...

A couple days ago I took the kids for a walk by the ocean and Jessica looks out at the water and says, "I miss my friends" I said, "oh, what friends do you miss?" and she replied, "Allison" I thought it was so funny! You know she was totally thinking of playing at the beach with you guys, but apparently YOU were the one she missed the most! :) You definitely need to come again- and hopefully on a nice warm day!!