Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Two seconds into school, and we're already doing this! It's a little soon for my brain to come up with any ideas! Geeeez, give us a minute, is what I'd like to say, but then I'm super happy it's over til next year. Here is what we came up with....Ca-razy bunch.
Britty loved her Pink hair.

I left Mally at school crying cause her head hurt so bad! When I picked her up, she said the day was fine and she got used to it.

The back of Blake's hair said "wipe out" in white.

This was her own idea, an apple orchard!
I am happy my kids go to such an amazing school, so full of spirit!


Ashlee said...

I am so impressed!

Hulst mommy said...

I still can't get over how awesome their hair is. You'll have to tell me how you get it to stay up so I can do crazy things to Kailyn's hair in a couple years!

Steck family said...

Allison seriously this is Crazy!!! I cannot believe Mally's hair!!! Such cute ideas as always!!!

Jason and Amy said...

You are seriously SO CREATIVE. OMG those are amazing

Leah said...

seriously Allison...that is AMAZING!! I won't be showing my girls that since I can't do and they will want it :) Hope you guys are doing well. Your kids are just beautiful!