Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

A true bunch of characters!!!

I still laugh when I see Brittan.

Oh Alice! Why you gotta be so grown?

What a dashing Mad Hatter!

The Queen of Hearst let us all keep our heads!

Britty with her Flava Flav slash White Rabbit Clock.

This year will go down as one of my favorite Halloween years yet! We had a mostly pain free time deciding what to be this year. I have wanted Mallory to be the Queen of Hearts for two years now. I first tried to get Lexa and all her friends to be little old ladies, but It was her idea to be Alice, so I was all to happy to commit to the Alice in Wonderland theme! I did have to beg Blake for a few weeks to agree to join his sisters, and as we were walking up to take our photos, he said, "Mom, I'm glad you talked me into this!". Whew! At least it won't go down in his memory as the year his Mom made him match his sisters! We had tons of fun putting our costumes together. Lex lived for her fittings with the AMAZING Debbie, Blake totally rolled with the fact that his pants were purchased in the girl department, Mally was so excited when her flamingo arrived and Brittan cheered me on the whole time as I made her costume one Saturday. I'm fairly certain I will not get them to do a them in the coming years, so this Halloween I will treasure forever!

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Jason and Amy said...

You are seriously AMAZING. OMG those costumes and beyond awesome. love all the pics, and your perfectly adorable and styled kids