Monday, January 11, 2010

It's what we do

And pretty much, it's all we do. I sometimes think of how life changing our holidays would be without the Nutcracker. I'm sure we'd get to enjoy our traditions more, sleep more, do more for others, just to name a few, but for now, Nutcracker- it's what we do. Lex performed for her 5th consecutive year, Blake's 3rd, and Mallory's second.
A BonBon, Fritz and a Party Girl

Blake was beyond happy to graduate out of the sailor costume! This was Lexa's 2nd year in this dress and she was so happy to still be the smallest so she could wear "the prettiest one".

Mally made the cutest BonBon ever and I was more than happy that BonBons wear buns and not ringlets! Although, I did twirl hundreds of ringlets this year as I became the Party Girl Hair Do'er of all the girls!

This is what much of the time backstage looks like. Waiting. The kids set up camp somewhere out of the way (like under a table) and watch, and play, and color all they brought from home.
Someday I know this will end. Even though this 3 month venture near kills me, I always cry on the last day as our 43 different practices, meetings, dress rehearsals, and shows come to and end. For now, It wouldn't be Christmas without the Nutcracker.

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Ashleigh said...

Its all for the love of it. I'm right there with you. Your kids are stars on that stage. Just look at Mallory's pose in that picture. She is ready to go!