Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas 2008!

Waiting to come around the corner to see if Santa left anything.

Britty in full concert mode.

Mally has asked for some time now for some LTOO undies like Lexa's. She always tries to raid Lexa's drawer.

Seriouly jazzed about his games!

Lex with her new LTOO suite

This year was a great Christmas. All of our kids got the whole process. Brittan fully understood the shopping and buying gift thing and asking for everything she saw, "Mom, can I buy this?", and then was reminded that she had to ask Santa. She thought of what she wanted pretty early on and she stuck to it the whole season. Her three main "wants" were, a baby bilalin (a violin she saw at Mallory's violin teachers house that plays songs as soon as you put the bow to the strings), a sing like Fabulous (a microphone to sing in like Sharpay, who she thinks is named Fabulous), and drums. I informed her every time that she would not be getting the last one. Mally wanted a DS and the American Girl doll Ruthie. Blake wanted 500 things, a DS, nerf gun Wii game, tons of DS games, gutar hero, Webkins, and the list goes on. Lex wanted a camera and the American Girl doll Kit. Santa granted their wishes and more. I love Christmas morning as their faces light up with all their cool stuff and I love that they are so happy for each other too. We were lucky this year to have Kelley's family stay with us. It really only ends up being the parents who stay at the same house cause all the kids, Holly's, Kelley's, mine, and who ever else is here play musical houses each night. They have so much fun together and are completely exhausted from party after party the whole Christmas break. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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Valerie said...

lex is going to have some major boobs in that swimsuit! =) addison is still asking for a baby biolin for her birthday!