Monday, January 19, 2009

Our traditional nativity scene is the best. The kids love choosing their costumes and playing their parts. The irreverence is a little out of control (with so many kids and all, and it doesn't help when kids try to play the donkey and Mary rides it until the donkey is about to die-thanks London!), but it wouldn't be Christmas Eve with out it!

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus

Mally and Audrey, the angels.

Lex and Bria, two of the wisemen.

Brittan was and angel too.

This sight is what caused me to have the hardest laugh of the entire Holiday season! Addison jumped into to room (she thought she was a bunny) and was so proud of herself! I could not stop laughing (honking) for a long time. She was soooo cute.


Valerie said...

wow.......good times!

Molly said...

Love all your nativity pictures. It's so cute to see all the kids get dressed up. You laughing/honking about cute Addison..hahah love it

Steck family said...

So cute!! Britty looks like she wearing 800 bows in her hair. Maybe I should start this tradition.