Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newport Beach

Ahh, the beach! This was such a great day. I was sicker than a dog and the warm beach air felt so good! The kids were so excited to be there, a nice break from Disneyland!
Beach Bums!

Can you hear hear her squeals of delight?

We beached close to these rocks so of course Blake had to explore! He watched the waves for ever and this one caught him a little off guard! Kinda big.

Brittty was pretty brave!

Only for a sec though.....She would go right to the edge of the water and RUN! as soon as a new wave would come.

Don't worry, this is just my 10yr old- Alexa, and my sister in law-Molly, who recently had a baby!, doing front walk overs.

Lex thought Molly was pretty bomb!

So did I! Wow!

Mally collected seaweed the whole time. She only set it down when I told her that it was whale barf. I did tell her I was joking, and then it was right back in her hands.

Blake being the only big boy meant he was nominated for the beach burial!

Ben (Val's husband) and Lex were pretty serious about their sand castle. It had moats, underground tunnels, different levels, until the little girls decided to help.

Diggin' away

Mallory was probably trying to convince Brittan to leave, it didn't work.

All the little helpers!

We stayed for a good part of the day. We had tons of fun and the kids already want to go back. We left and went back to the hotel pool to de-sand and then got showered and ready in two seconds and met Ben and Val for a yummy dinner.

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Molly said...

Such a fun day and trip with you guys! The picture of Blake turned out so good! Lex made me feel young again tumbling on the beach! ;)