Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Surprise trip!

I literally decided 4 days before going, it was so thrown together, but off to Disneyland again! We weren't going to get to go this spring. Valerie and Nic's families were going, my friend Ashleigh's family was going, so I couldn't resist. This was against a lot of Disney rules I have, the most important one being that I will not go past Feb. Too many crowds and could be too hot. I'm a wimp and spoiled cause once you go when no one is there and your kids walk on rides and stay on them to go a second round cause no one is in line, it is very painful going when the whole world goes too. Oh well, I had to do it. I told the kids the night before we left that they needed to pack and they were leaving the second school got out at 12:45 the next day. Hysterical screaming, laughing, hugs of joy, and then they packed themselves. I was having a regular bow day the next day and really did not have time to pack so they did! They would hold an outfit iver the banister and I would yes or no it and they would chuck it over if it was a yes. My bow room looked like a bomb went off, but all I had to do was fold and put the stuff in. They were great. The best part was that I didn't tell Nic or Val we were coming, only Ashleigh cause we were gonna be in the same hotel, our favorite one. So off we went. We got up so early, not quite Dave Rawe early, but we made it to Disneyland at 8:30 for our early entry. I new the fam wouldn't get there quite so early so we got to hang with Ash and fam for a while. Oh, my kids didn't know their cousins were coming either. I decided to text Nic a secret msg saying that we were there and to text me back when they got there and tell me where they were. My kids were so confused and not to happy when a couple hours in we were leaving Ashleigh's family for no reason. I just kept saying I forgot something in Fantasy Land. We hid out in a cove by Pinocchio, my kids thought I was crazy, but I had to wait til the merry go round stopped and the fam was getting off. I even made my kids line up to get "bee lip" (Burts Beeswax) on. I had to keep them out of sight from the ride! So as soon as it stopped, I said k, lets go! We walked around and headed straight into them! It was so much fun! Everyone was surprised! Literally as this was happening, I hear someone yell my name and I look over and it is a college room mate from my freshman year at BYU, 16 years ago! Kirsten is from Colorado so the chance meeting at this very moment was crazy! It was great to catch up with her for a few (while the kids went on Dumbo with the fam) and see her cute kids. Our trip was great. It was waaaaay too crowded, won't break Disney rule #1 again. Only down fall was Todd wasn't there, and I got strep throat day 3 of our trip, and the on call doctor wouldnt call me in anything! Other than that, it was a blast!

My sweet kids

Blake and Lex are so good at helping me when Todds not with us. Britty sometimes choses them over me!

All the cute princesses-

Jessica, Jordan, Brittan and Addison

I'm so glad my girls love seeing the princesses still. Note the absence of Blake-

not so cool to him

This was Britty's new obsession this time. She has recently gotten hooked on the

Toy Story movies so in every store it was a hunt to find and hold Jessie, Woody and help

one of them ride Bullseye. She got all three for her treat. This was the first time Lex couldn't

find anything she wanted, that's ok, as long as she still wants to go!

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Ashleigh said...

What Up??? Glad to see your cute picts. This was a fab trip and you going made it more memorable for us. I think we need to stick to Disneyland rule #1 too. I love the picture of Blake and Brittan. Sorry about the psycho early thing. He he he.