Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy Hair Day!!!!

Each year at Hickman, pretty close to the begining of the year, we do crazy hair day. It is quite the ordeal with all of the creative people there. We try and think of new and different things year after year and that gets hard with 3 ideas needed every time! We loved how every thing turned out this year. I am so happy that my kids have an adventerous spirit and pretty much let me coax them in to alomst anything. At school there were volcanos, an ocean wave, an artists palet, worms crawling in dirt, tons of color spray, pippy braids, and more ratting than is probably good for any head of hair! But we all have a blast and look forward to seeing everyone at school!Mallory's hair was a rose garden. I loved all the butterflys!
Anything green you see is her actual hair.
Gracie and Mally. This was Gracie's own idea to be a "cloud", rainbow was inspired by all the hours on the phone with the moms! I love how Mally had the flowers down her dress too. Thank you Target for there adorable denim dresses!
Blake loved his hair! It was a bed of grass with every kind of bug in it!
The spiders down the face were cool too.