Friday, September 26, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth!

For my family, this really is the happiest place on earth! We are true Disneyland fans. We go at least twice a year and we wish it was more. This trip was so spur of the moment. We had a trip planned later in October with Val & Ben and the kids a made The Nutcracker so we had to go now or never. This meant two changes, Todd could not come this quickly, and neither could Val's family. We were really bummed at both of those things :( , but we kinda didn't have a choice. So off we went alone, me and four kids! We had such a good time. My only complaint was that it was too hot Tue.-Thurs. We really did it all. Here are the pics, sorry there are so many, they are almost all for Addibuns!

Brittan really got into the princesses. She knew them all and had lots to say to them.

This is one of Brittan's favorites.

Stealing candy corn from a display.

Blake would not take pics with the princesses. The photographer tricked him into sitting with Jasmine and she even kissed him on the cheek! He almost died.

Mrs. Incredible
I think it must be a guy, (look at those thighs!)

Tato Head, as Brittan says.


Lighting Mc Queen!

Mad Hatter and Alice

Belle, this girl has been Belle for years! She is the best one!

Not so sure of the this Snow White.

This was the best Ariel! She was so cute. The kids told her story after story and she played right along and spent so much time with them.

Still talking.....

......and still talking. Finally they all just moved to the ground. I was feeling bad for the line we were holding up. Ariel was great!
Minnie in her Cali gear.

Breaking displays.

The Year of A Million Dreams Mickey

Britty dancing before the parade.

Brittan could not remember Mulan's name for the life of her. She kept pointing to her saying, "what's that" ?

Blake's dream, fighting Darth Maul

Britty's saddest moment at Disneyland. I wish I remembered what it was about.

Brittan loved this! These guys look like regular workers until they pull out their sticks and start playing! She was the lone dancer.

Blakie at Tarzan's tree house

The Tea Cups
As many times a day as possible!

Bug 3-D show in California

Brittan loves Casey Jr. Train! She is obsessed with Dumbo!

And for the grand finally for Addibuns, her favorite, Aladdin and Jasmine!!!!!!


Valerie said...

thanks for the pics! addison is now more excited than ever!!! she has asked to look at these ALL morning!!! you need to put your nemo ones up......

Steck family said...

I love all your pictures. It really looks like your kids are having the time of their lives. I love Mallory's face with the candy corn! Maybe I should think about taking kenny to Disneyland!! I'm so glad you guys had such an awesome trip!!!


What a fun disneyland trip to win a trip for your family:)

Nick and Molly said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! Jessica was loving all the princess pictures too :). She now says, "When Max gets bigger we will go to Mimi's house, Grammie's house, Mexico, and Disnleyland!" Of course we will...;)