Friday, September 19, 2008

Tales from kindergarten.....

So I guess I was right, I need to keep a running log of Mallory's stories in kindergarten. I had a sneaky hunch that the others were not a fluke thing and I could some how foresee more in the near future. Looks like I know her pretty well. So this week Mallory was chosen a special person. She was so happy to have a turn! One of the activities Mrs. Bombgardener does during this is ask the child lots of questions about their life. Mally is to tell about her family, her favorite foods, colors, thing to do at home (which I knew would be "watch TV" , she is the worst couch potato and I actually have to make her turn it off!), etc. All of that was fairly normal and accurate. Here are some of her best ones though. When asked if she has any pets, she said no cause her Mom was "fearful" of poop. My poor deprived kids will I'm sure hate me some day for not letting them have any pets. When one little boy asked her if she likes kittens she said yes and that her Mimi's cat had kittens and Mallory was the only one not to get to take a kitten home. Then she put her hand up to her mouth and whispered to her teacher, "you know why, cause of my Mom's phobia". It must be noted that no one got to take kittens home. She was asked if she could go anywhere in the whole world were would it be, "TEXAS!", she said, (I didn't know she even knew there was a Texas). And then when asked who she would take and what would they do, "My 26 cousins, and we would eat burritos cause we are burrito lovers!". Really Mallory, to Texas to eat burritos? Wow. Mallory also shared with the class that we grow special rose bushes at our house that don't have any thorns. We don't grow anything here but kids. Her newest one this week was when she told the class that she speaks Spanish so well because she was born in a Spanish hospital. Do you think I should be worried?

Mallory on Alligator Pie day. They did a whole parade around the school making sure to go to each older sibs class for a picture. Then they ate Alligator pie. So cute.

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