Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mallory!

Sometimes it is hard to think of Mallory as only six! She seems more like 16 a lot of the time. We had about 24 of her friends to see the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was really cute and the perfect movie to keep all of those kids entertained. After the movie we went to Round Table to eat and open presents. Her dreams came true, she got a pet. With my permission, of course, my friend Sheridi and her girls Mallory, Kelsey and Kendal, got my Mallory a hermit crab. They know of my true desire to not have any pets, but they sure feel sorry for my kids! So I guess a hermit crab is the way to go cause we hardly know it is here! Mallory named it Ruby. My other kids feel jipped that Mallory being the 3rd oldest got the first pet, oh well. Here she is, so excited to get Ruby! Some of our party guests.
Megan gave Mallory 20, one dollar bills. She actually forgot about Ruby for a while and this became the coolest gift ever!
And now, squeezing Megan to death!
Mally's birthday was lots of fun. We were happy to celebrate her six, most entertaining, years of life!! We love you Mallory!

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