Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We love Halloween! We pick costumes fairly early, (doesn't mean I have them ready early), but we decide what they will all be as soon as possible. I say "we", but I really mean that I talk all my kids into their costumes each year. Maybe someday I will give up all control and actually let Blake be the Star Wars guy he has wanted to be for years. Pretty sad, I know. The girls are usually pretty easy, and Blake really did pick this costume ( out of the 3 choices I gave him) so he felt great about it :). I made Lexa and Mallory's costumes, ordered Blakes and Brittans was a snap! Still, I am very glad it is over! After getting them all ready for 3 events in a row, I was done!!! Thanks to our personal make-up artist, Joc, the girls were fab, and she even does gladiator make-up! I am infamous for a billion props so the girls carried cool feather brooms, cauldrons, and they each had a pet spider, Candycorn and Peppermint! Brittan did not like anyone putting candy in her bucket, so that made for an interesting night. Maybe she'll get the concept next year. We had a blast and here are a few thousand pics to prove it!!
Lex was such a pretty witch. Can witches be pretty? I loved the spider earrings I made her!
Blake had no problem pulling off the tough guy look!
Cute little Mally
Britty was a funny little kitty. She was mistaken for Minnie Mouse more than once because I made her ears so ginormous!

After the school parade.
Mallory loved her vampire teeth.
Super Girl Gracie and Mally the Witch.
Brittan twirled and twirled all day in her "dancey dancey".
Lex at her class party.

Blake and his friend Roni looked like they planned their costumes to match!
At the school carnival the night before Halloween.
Lex and her friend Madison
The pouring rain was horrible on carnival night!
Lex and Emi, so cute at the ward party.
And the cool boys!
The best treat ever!

So amazed with her good fortune!
All the treats at the party were so fun.
I'm looking forward to the year long break until next Halloween!


Valerie said...

they all look SO freakin cute!!!

Nick and Molly said...

That is soooo funny Brittan didn't want candy in her bucket!! They all look adorable. And seriously, Alexa makes one GORGEOUS witch!! Wow!! And she definitely looks like your daughter!!! Usually the blonde hair is deceiving, but you guys look a lot alike!!

Nick and Molly said...

Oh by the way I just emailed the pictures! :)

Steck family said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!! They seriously looked perfect!!!

Kathryn said...

Perfection as usual, but did Alexa turn 25 and I missed it? Tell her to stop it!

Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley said...

Those are the cutest kids and the cutest costumes I've ever seen!!