Friday, November 7, 2008

So if you think if you can Dance, Dance, Dance!!

We are obsessed with this show at our house! We have watched it since the very first season and we still give Mallory a hard time for adding the "IFs" in the title of the show. Season one, she was only 3 years old, so we have been teasing her for a while now. We try and get everyone we know to watch it each season as if we are solely reasponsible for the ratings. We have held many a "watching parties". The kids learn there favorite dances and do them over and over. (Blake doing Travis' part, (season 3), in the final four "Sexy Back" dance was priceless!) We have even met Nick Lazarinni, the winner of season one! We love this show! This was our second year going to the tour and it did not dissapoint! We got to go with our adopted fam, the Sinclairs. We love them almost as much as the show, just kidding, we love them 100 times more. We started the night by going to a yummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and then we were off to Oakland! This pic was before the show as we sat with anticipation, waiting to see if they would do our favorite dances. And they did, every single one of them! Here are Mally, Makenzie and Lex...
I was so happy to see my "Boo" dance in person. Joshua and Katie were my favs from the beginning, but by the third show when they did the samba to Baila Baila, I was hooked! I loved every dance they did. They never got it wrong! One fav for sure was Bollywood, so good!

They made us wait until almost the very end for the briefcase dance. It was worth the wait! Chelsea and Mark were amazing in this!
Almost the whole gang!Mallory was so excited to be here. She kept saying, "Oh my gosh, I bet it is so late right now!", and when Kherington did her solo she yelled out, "This place is on fire!". But she almost lost it when Mark and Courtney Gerianno, (as she says it), did The Garden. It was her very favorite dance. She has watched it over and over as we can't seem to erase them from our tivo! Her dreams came true when this music started, she just started screaming!
We had such a fun night, even if we missed getting cheesecake to go by 5 min.! We will most likely be counting down the days until next may when So If You Think If You Can Dance starts again!


The Marquardt Family said...

You are always doing the coolest things with your kids! HOw fun is that? YOur girls are so stinking cute! and they always look adorable with their outfits and accessories. You are a great mom! Keep posting I love to see pictures!

Nick and Molly said...

Looks like so much fun. We LOVED having you guys over today!! We miss you!!! I seriously do want you to pick dresses out for me!! I will call you tomorrow with my credit card # :)