Friday, November 14, 2008

School pictures

We finally got the kids school pictures back. They missed the first pictures because I was in Vegas for them and I am too crazy to let them do it with out me there. By the way, I'm not the only Mom who stands over the computer and tells them if it is a natural smile or not. At our school, that is the norm for lots of us. Still a little OCD, I know. All in all they turned out great, except for Blake's background was supposed to be the same as the girls, and I hate the dum arm crossing thing. It was that or hunched over your knees, which looked even more lame. I tried to let them do it with out their arms folded but the lady said, nope, that was the pose. Oh well, they look great!
Lex 10yrs. Fourth Grade

Blake 8yrs. Third Grade
Mallory 6yrs. Kindergarten


Steck family said...

So Cute, I love that you make them take it over until they turn out!!!! I love Lexa's hair!!!

Danielle said...

Love your kids' pics, too!!! From now on, I think Im gonna go down there on Picture day and make sure they look good enough..

Valerie said...

they all turned out so cute!!!

deborah said...

I had no idea they would allow Moms or Yaya's on picture day. Danielle and I are so going to be there!
Could not believe what Britty did to her hair. She must wanna be a hairdresser,
Just. Like. Mom!
Like everyone else has said, it's so good she is such a cutie and that her Mom is so talented!
Thanks for blogging!

Nick and Molly said...

They all look adorable!! Very photogenic!

Hulst mommy said...

Hey Allison! I saw your link on Valerie's blog.

Your kids are just too stinkin cute. Is it seriously possible that Alexa is 10, am I really about to have a 10 year reunion? Ugh!

I hope everything is going well. I miss running into you :)<3 Kori