Sunday, August 31, 2008

1st Day of School!

Blakie started 3rd grade this year. He always feels great on the first day of school. At our school, the younger sibs follow the older ones with the same teacher so there were no surprises for him, he knew he would be in Mrs. Belew's class because Lex had her last year. Mrs. Belew was such a great teacher for Lex and Blake heard Lex say nothing but good things about her so he was excited! Also, all of his best guy friends are in there and Faithy too! He chose to were a Quicksilver shirt and for some reason his choice all centered around wearing his new GAP undershirt. I choose is new shoes, Vans, and he loved them. So did I!
While in Utah, we do all our school shopping. Blake chose this Quicksilver backpack at the outlet in Provo. He was only bothered that it didn't have a matching lunch bag, so we just bought a black one at Target. He looked pretty cute his first day of 3rd grade!
Lex stared 4th grade!!!!! I hear this the beginning of "real school". She will now have homework everyday, and multiple tests every Friday. I know I am more scared than she is. Her teacher is Mrs. Thompson and she has all but two of her girlfriends in her class so she is so excited! She is so funny on the first day, wanting to pick out the perfect outfit. We had tons of fun shopping for everything so the possibilities were many. This is what she chose, very "school girl" with the plaid and all.
Her backpack hunt was quite the ordeal this year. Ragamuffin (a store I sell to) had this adorable Roxy one that we put on hold before we left for Utah. Luckily, they were fine with us doing 3 week search in Utah, and we did. We looked EVERYWHERE!!!! Many were almost the one for her but she kept coming back to the Roxy one at Ragamuffin because of the cute lunch bag that was like a purse, and the matching binder, which was on her list of things she needed. So that is really what made her finally choose the Roxy one. She was so happy to find that it even came with a matching wallet! I don't know why we make such a big deal of the backpack hunt each year, we just do!
Lex at her desk in Mrs. Thompson's class. Brittan in the background not realizing how sad and boring her life was about to get. This was Alexa's best start yet. She has a tendency to be timid in new situations. This year I really felt her confidence. She seemed ready for more responsibility and I know this is because she had such a great year with Mrs. Belew who prepared her well. We love the school our kids go to. We feel very fortunate to have accidentally landed at Hickman!


Steck family said...

SO Blake is seriously the cutest little boy. I love his eyes (kinda remind me of my Bordy Jenner's). I can't wait to see his crazy hair day picture's.
Lexa is by far the prettiest little perfectionist I have ever seen. For some reason one of the picture's remind me of Nancy Drew. I have to say I am loving the roxy lunch pail/purse!!!! She did a dang good job picking out her outfit too!!!

What about Mallory????

Valerie said...

blake looks so cute in his little vans........i'm sure he loved them. & alexa looks like she could be starting highschool all done up like that. she looks adorable!

Nick and Molly said...

They look as cute ever! Back to school, brings back the memories :). It's such an exciting day for kids! That's fun Alexa was feeling so happy and confident right at the start of school too!