Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just an impromptu cheer stunt while breaking for lunch!
After lunch, Blake hit the clocks again to build his own home in the construction zone.
At the fountains.
We ran into our friends/ward members here at the Gateway fountains. It was fun seeing Shawn and Mackenzie!
Brittan the recording artist.


Valerie said...

mallory seriously looks like a cheerleader in the stunting pic. her face & the way she's standing is just perfect.......& if you look at britty's buns.....someone's hand is making it look like those are her buns

Steck family said...

Did you guys elevate your minds and this cheer practice? I also want to know if Brittan says cradle ready 1-2, cause that's what Kensie's says when they cradle!