Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mallory starts Kindergarten!!!!!!!

I can't believe my little Mally started Kindergarten! I use the word little loosely being as how she is the tallest kinder known to man. No joke, were talking Amazon and Sasquatch all rolled into one! She could have started last year but with her late Sept. birthday, she falls under my "must be 5 by kindergarten rule", so she will be 6 very soon. Still she is sooo tall. She and Lex wear the same size, both an eight. (And yes, Alexa will be ten soon) And Mallory is almost as tall as Blake! Anyways, she is very ready for this. Her teacher this year is Mrs. Bomgardener and we call her Mrs. Bomb! She is the legend kinder teacher at Hickman, so it should be a fun year! This photo was taken 2 days before school started at our visit the class and teacher night. Mallory has owned this class room for 3 years now. She stared coming with me to help in Blake's kinder class and even when Blake was on to 1st, and 2nd grade, every time I turned around and she was gone, I would always find her in kindergarten classroom sitting as though she was one of them, and they always let her! So finally, it is really her room! This is the reading loft that they have to climb up in. Blake and Faith are reliving their glory days there and Mallory, Gracie and Brittan think it's the coolest place ever!

Mally looked just perfect for kindergarten! With her little school girl apple vest and her red salt water sandals she was too cute.
Mallory chose her backpack at Gap. She loved the hook on lunch bag and so do I cause it leaves so much space for all her projects that come home. I though the polka dots fit her fun personality!
A "Mom making you stand there moment".
This is Gracie Masellis, Mallory's best friend in kindergarten. It has to be said that Gracie is really tall for her age. Her birthday is 3 weeks after Mallory's. See what I mean about Mallory!?!
So we are officially done with the first 3 weeks. Mallory is for sure one of those kids that you really worry about what she might say out in the world. Not shy,or reserved, or calm in any way. Just one story after another for this chick. So, on day 3 of school, Mrs Bomb meets me with, "I have to tell you what Mallory told a parent helper today". Oh, no. I am seriously worried. Apparently she shared another mom that she has Short Term Memory Loss. Her teacher was laughing so hard asking where she could have gotten this from and I'm sure it is from Finding Nemo although, we haven't watched that in 5 or six months. A good laugh at least. Well there have been several more things like how her teacher says that she doesn't know Spanish at all and she has these 3 silly boys that she has learned "sientese" for. (meaning sit down) So her teacher tells these three boys this all day long and the other day she turns around to Mallory pointing to the floor saying "sientese, sientese, boys". Or,she now has the kids convinced that her and Gracie are real sisters. One little girl in class tried to test it out at lunch by getting Mallory to bite a chip and then give it to Gracie because a sister would be the only one to share like that and Mallory just said "That's gross, we don't do that in our family." And I think she has the start of a little crush. She tells me "Mom, do you know what Cole says? He holds the door open and says, ladies first", and then she cracks up. But this kid Cole is seriously cute and when he got chosen as special child last week and was asked if he could go anywhere, where would it be and with who and he said to the mountains with Mallory. So she has a fan too. This year will be super fun for her. Hickman Kindergarten is out of control and she is going to love every minute of it.
P.S. I may keep a running log of the crazy Mallory kindergarten quotes, stories, etc. There may be so many I will forget them if I don't write them down!!!!!!!


Valerie said...

mally is pretty GI-NORM!!! she's the cutest kindergartner in that outfit!!! i LOVE it! her stories are the best!!! i hope it will be that easy to take addison to kindergarten...............YAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steck family said...

Mally, what a little crack up!!! I am just thinking about the wonderful news she spilled today. Good thing she is the cutest kindergartner EVER! I love her outfit and it really doesn't matter to me if she is Ginorm because she has the cutest face I've ever seen. I still want to be her when I grow up!!!

Nick and Molly said...

Too cute!! She really does look just as cute as can be for her first day of kindergarten!! That's so fun and exciting and nice that she was so happy to go- and no tears! She seriously does say some funny things. You will have to post them for us to all get a good laugh over her cuteness :) Oh and you guys will have to come visit and go to the beach sometime...too bad summer vacation is over, although the best time to go to the beach here is now and next month so I hear!

Krista said...

I am having probs trying to leave a comment. For some reason my last one did not post. So if you see multiples, you know it's me, the user, trying to figure out this blogging stuff. Anyway...I love seeing what and where ya'll went over the summer. Priceless photos! I have already told you, I would love to meet up w/you guys there some summer and experience that. The pic of Mally and Gracie shows the excitement they have for starting "K" finally!!! They are going to have lots of fun and keep us laughing. I know it is funnier to the mom that hears what their own child says, but I really can't believe the things those 2 say. WOW!