Saturday, August 23, 2008

Liberty Land

THis was a mini amuesment park that just opened right by Val's house. Again, bitter at all there is to do in Utah that is so fun for the kids! We bought $16 wrist bands and boom, a day of fun. There was alot to do so it was worth it.
Bummper boats with Andrew and Avery.

Watch out, Mally's driving!

I wish this picture was up close. Brittan was in between Lexa and Emily and loving the roller coaster! She wanted to do it over and over. Liberty Land sits right along the freeway and every time we went by it, Brittan went phsyco. "Inna go rollercoaster"

Airplane ride with Avery

Lexa is a champ at this. We hasd a blast at Liberty Land!


Valerie said...

too bad you didn't get a pic of me riding the airplanes!

kristi said...

Allison, I found your blog! It's so cute like I knew it would be. I enjoyed seeing you last night. Your pictures from Utah are great. Lloyd wants to go there for a family vacation next year and I was trying to talk him out of it. Maybe it would be fun after all. I just don't think I would enjoy the drive with five kids in a minivan. Take care of yourself. I'm adding you to my blog list. Congrats on starting one. I hope the trend continues! Don't be shy about leaving a comment.