Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Farm

Next up, Thanksgiving Point Farm. Not jail. This is a kid size replica of a "country jail". Mallory does look pretty convinced that she's staying for a while though.
At the farm the kids can milk cows, feed all kinds of animals, ride a horse, go on a wagon ride, see bunnies, ducks, goats and lots more! The highlight is for sure the pony ride. They all want to do it over and over but each time you enter, you only get one ticket to ride.
Blakie gets mad that Lexa always demands the tallest horse cause she's the tallest of my kids. (Probably not for long though.)Maybe only a few short years left until pony rides are not magical. That will be sad!
Here is Mallory trying to be such a nice big sister to Brittan by helping her feed the cows. They love this corn you buy out of little gumball type machines and the kids go through tons of quarters each time we go. As Mallory was standing there, one of the cows attacked Mallory's shirt leaving her like this.......
She was all slobbered on. Poor thing, Valerie and I could not stop laughing at her description of the cow attacking her shirt. She really had to yank it out of the cows mouth and it left her shirt covered in cow juice. Her face really says it all. We still had tons of fun!


Finlinson Family said...

i'm still cracking up over mally's shirt!!!! the funniest part was that she thought it was a little kid pulling on it!!! haha!

Steck family said...

I want to know how many cows your kids milked? I would bet that the cow milking would be Kensie's favorite since she is obsessed with seeing everyone's nipples. not sure where she learned that from. So cute! Thanksgiving point looks so fun for little kids. Maybe Modesto should get one!!!!

Nick and Molly said...

I'm so excited you have a blog! Nick emailed me today that you had one and I was so happy!! Thanksgiving Point looks like so much fun-we'll have to go there on our next trip to Utah... Fun seeing you guys for a little bit on Sunday! Jessica looked at your blog with me and she goes, "oh, is that Brittan's family?" :)