Thursday, August 14, 2008

592 pictures later................

Wow, where to begin. Each summer we invade my sister Valerie's house for a really long time. She has yet to say "please don't come", so we just press our luck year after year by heading to Utah for our summer vacation. This is no small feat for her family to put up with. Adding five more people to one house is a lot, not to mention that we kind of stay forever. Last year it was four weeks and a day, this year a mere three weeks and three days! The kids look forward to this for months. We have tons of fun, doing all kinds of activities that to us, make Utah the place to be each summer. In years past we get Seven Peaks passes (a local water park), but this year we gave the kids the choice of that, or a Thanksgiving Point pass. It was no question for them. They love, love, love, Thanksgiving Point! We go every day to one of the venues and they never tire of it. It is right behind my sister's house, which make the amazing fireworks shows a backyard treat, and it is such a quick trip that I don't mind going so often. The first stop of our trip is usually the Dinosaur Museum. It is the largest in the world and we really do learn cool stuff every time we go! Here are some of the billion dino pics we took this year.

Addison , (Valerie's most hilarious daughter), is quite the tour guide. She knows the exact way to go and we must visit all her favorites. It took Brittan a few trips to even step foot in the cave. She finally got the hang of it and realized she wouldn't be lost forever if she went in.
The dino dig is every kids dream! They have tons of brushes and they must scrape away to uncover the dino fossils, or throw sand like Brittan does.
I wish I actually took a pic of the display here where they get to build their own dino with huge legs and heads and tails that just velcro on and off, but this was what I caught Brittan doing, pretending to be asleep all snuggled up to a dino leg.
After years of coming here, they actually run to this statue like he is their long lost friend. I guess he kinda is. We love the dinosaur museum!

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Finlinson Family said...

It's so sad when you guys leave! I felt like this year was just a blurr! It seems like we didn't get to do all of the stuff we always do. Maybe someday we'll get a bigger house!!! =) I think that Addison still thinks you guys are here sometimes! She misses her Mackenna (sp???) Marker!!!