Saturday, August 23, 2008

Discovery Museum

The kids love this place! There is so much to do here for every age. We can spend hours here and the only thing that makes us leave is hungry kids. We always top it off with a trip to the fountains they built for the Winter Olympics in SLC.

These two created quite a stir at the museum! Everyone always thinks they are twins because we dress them alike whenever we can. But this time it was the dresses people dying over. They did look pretty cute.
Planting their very own garden.
Now using the produce they planted to build a sandwich. Brittan did this for so long. I love her version of an egg sandwich. Yum.
Mallory loves to deliver the mail. I am pretty grossed out that she put on the hat.
This might be the funnest job of all. To stand at a real cash register and ring everything up is heaven to them. They take the jobs so seriously.


Valerie said...

i actually am barfing right now that mally is wearing that hat. i'm sure she got lice or some sort of scabies.......

Steck family said...

I want to know why utah has all the fun activities? Maybe you should open a discovery zone in Waterford, we would come everyday!!!!